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 Modular Organics & 360Organic is committed to provide updated high quality products and service with emotional attitude and professional technique to meet the requirement of our clients .We believe that our greenhouses will improve the quality of life of you and your family. Superior customer service is our top priority and our staff will work diligently to make sure that you purchase the right structure for your needs.

We put severe demands on quality to secure that you get a faultless product. However, should a problem occur, we kindly ask you to contact the dealer from whom you have bought the greenhouse. For a quick service, you should specify the extent of the defect by means of the parts list in the assembly instructions. Please also note the model number which is marked on the front page of your instructions.


ClimaPod Greenhouse Warranty

  1.  Greenhouse.
    This limited warranty applies exclusively to greenhouse used correctly as installed and maintained and cleaned according to ClimaPod’s recommendations. We grant a 10 year comprehensive guarantee which covers replacement or repairs of defective parts due to material or manufacturing defect. The guarantee does not cover polycarbonate, transport, and erection. The guarantee is invalid if the greenhouse is not assembled according to our assembly instructions.
  2. Winter & Wind protection.
    In areas when snow or high winds might be expected we recommend the following in order to protect your greenhouse:
    – Support the ridge at the center of the greenhouse.
    – Cross-tie the frames/supporting beams with cables or rope to support integrity of the units and prevent it from shifting during high wind storms.
    – Remove larger snow loads.
    – Take precautions against snow falling down, for instance from a roof.
  3. Polycarbonate panel.
    ClimaPod’s polycarbonate panels are warranted for a period of ten years against excessive loss of light transmission and/or surface yellowing on the UV-protected surface. In all cases, the surface bearing the proprietary UV protection must be the only side exposed to direct sunlight and the effects of weathering. If failure occurs, the purchaser shall receive a free replacement when the failed panel, the original sales receipt must be returned to Modular Organics company via the original authorized distributor. On request of Modular Organics claimant must allow the material to be inspected on the site and/or return the sheet to Modular Organics for testing.NOTE
    This limited warranty does not apply to panels that has been scratched, abraded or exposed to corrosive materials. This warranty does not cover excessive loss of light transmission and/or surface yellowing of UV-protection layer loss due to use of strong cleaning suppliers/chemicals or any other substance applied on the UV-protected side of the panels.
    This warranty does not include or cover loss due to environment conditions, severe weather or atmospheric conditions, dirt or dust depositions or any changes to the physical properties of the polycarbonate base materials. This warranty does not include or cover directly or indirectly any related expenses for disassembly, fabrication, installation, or any losses, which may be incurred as a result of the failure of the panel.

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