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SKU CP-HG-001  IN STOCK Hobby Starter Kit Only $799.00

SKU CP-HG-002  IN STOCK Hobby Upgrate Kit Only $999.00

SKU CP-HG-003  IN STOCK Hobby Complete Kit Only $1399.00

SKU CP-PG-001  IN STOCK Passion Starter Kit Only $899.00

SKU CP-PG-002  IN STOCK Passion Upgrate Kit Only $1149.00

SKU CP-PG-003  IN STOCK Passion Complete Kit Only $1599.00

SKU CP-VG-001  IN STOCK Virtue Starter Kit Only $1199.00 

SKU CP-VG-002  IN STOCK Virtue Upgrate Kit Only $1599.00

SKU CP-VG-003 IN STOCK Virtue Complete Kit Only $1799.00

 SKU CP-SG-001  IN STOCK Spirit  (basic) $899 

 SKU CP-SG-001  IN STOCK Spirit  (upgraded) $1099   

 SKU CP-SG-001  IN STOCK  Spirit  (complete) $1499 



           CLEAR-mini 6’3″ x 8’2″ x 6’5″ 51 sq ft - $550.00            Clear Regular 8’3″ x 10’2″ x 7’2″ 84 sq ft - $850.00           CLEAR-pro 8’3″ x 12’1″ x 7’2″ 100 sq ft - $1,200.00

Clear Kit Packages

Materials: Clear-wall polycarbonate

Number of Doors: 2

Sliding Doors With Magnetic Lock

Number Of Windows:  2



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