LED Strip Grow Light


This LED light is perfect for growing plants, especially seed starters.


Highly efficient compared to Metal Halide Lamp, our 22W grow lights work as great as an 80W HID/MH grow light while saving you 75%-85% on electricity bills.


Aluminum construction, 22 lights per unit; made of aluminum materials to ensure heat dissipation

Suitable for: Greenhouse lighting, horticulture, hydroponics, flower exhibition, Indoor growing, and aesthetic lighting.

Plug and go, easy to use, keeps cool, and requires no heat-removal equipment

Red LEDs promote flowering while blue LED lights promote leaf growth.




Waterproof and dustproof IP68 Leve, so you can use it anywhere

CE and RoHS certificate power supply, low energy consumption.

Built-in power supply means no need for additional ballast and allows light to work independently

Environmentally friendly as it contains no mercury or other harmful heavy metals

1 year warranty

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This item has free shipping on upto 4 units. If more than 4 units are ordered, a $10.95 fee will be added to your order after your order is placed.


 Price per light  - $49.99


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